&& then there was TY*..

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My F I R S T Love <3 Allen Iverson… ( yes im still his biggest fan)
All the talk about Kobe…. Lebron… Derrick Rose… D.Wade…
I mean Iverson had his lil dwn moments but beside him and Michael Jordan… they were the ONLY 2 NBA players to ever score 50 + pts twice in a play off series…. I could go on and ON… he aint in the states right now but ya gotta give it to him… he was/still cold AF. 

Free your mind… and the rest will follow.

Its harder than u think! 

Its C R A Z Y how i can listen to a certain song and recall ALL the memories from the time i first heard it…. its so distinct till i can remember the smells of certain people i was around and everything… I find myself closing my eyes and trying to relive the moment ♥ -  ♥….